- Every piece we list is manually inspected and pre-authenticated prior to listing

- Photographs for each listing are unique to the bag for sale that the customer will receive. Even if it is the exact same model, we will never re-use photos

- All of our items come with a double-your-money-back guarantee on authenticity. That means that we guarantee the authenticity of this item to the point where if you ever were to find it not authentic, we would refund twice the amount of your initial purchase price.

- Recently, we also started offering complimentary third party authentication vouchers along with each Chanel purchase, and these voucher codes can be redeemed with Etinceler Authentications, the go-to authentication house for federal cases, investigations, Ebay and PayPal claims, on Chanel. We started doing this to give our customers extra peace of mind, since each piece we sell is pre-owned.

To learn more about our new complimentary authentications voucher redemption, you can click here.