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For 20 years, Boutique Patina has specialized in sourcing and curating the best condition preowned vintage Chanel leather treasures by searching closets around the world. 

Owner-serviced today and since inception, we still remain the tiny size that we were back in 2003, and direct any growth towards depth and not expansion. 

Our business model is to source and curate the most desirable, timeless collectibles that are the most well-preserved and vaulted away for many years. 

We know our product, and we know each product we sell. We are not a large warehouse with fast turnaround as the goal, but a small, niche specialized online boutique. 

We know how shopping for pre-owned luxury handbags online can be a nervous experience, and it requires a lot of trust. We don't take that lightly, and always strive to go above and beyond with our customers by:

​- Offering a lifetime double-your-money-back guarantee on authenticity for every purchase at our store, which never expires. That means if your item is ever to be found not authentic, we will double your purchase price. 
- Offering a 3 day no-questions-asked return policy on most pre-owned Chanel bags
- Offering complimentary authentication for your purchase through our voucher code program with third party Chanel authentication service Etinceler Authentications (of course, you are free to use whomever you choose).

Thank you for trusting us with your purchase. It means a lot to us, and our goal is to delight you so that you will shop with us again. 

More About Boutique Patina

Long before its inception in 2004, Patina believed in the preservation of luxury accessories and has strongly advocated against counterfeit merchandise being sold in the United States and the rest of the world. Because of the multitude of counterfeit items being sold on and offline, the founders of Patina created their consignment services offerings to help promote authentic pre-owned Louis Vuitton in a fierce online selling environment where counterfeit sellers are equipped with more tools and resources to outshine even legitimate sellers of authentic handbags.

All of our items are pre-owned - while some may be in Brand New or Never Used condition, items have been previously purchased by an individual from boutiques Chanel, Hermes or one of the major department stores (Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, etc). Most of our items are also previously used, and the condition is described in each listing above the bulleted portion of the item's attributes description (last complete paragraph preceding bulleted list in each listing). Boutique Patina is not affiliated with any of these brands or companies, but we sell items purchased from these companies at a previous time. 

We are selective - Patina Consignments is committed to carefully and professionally curating one of the most desirable collection of authentic pre-owned Chanel and Hermes handbags in the United States. Through brand zeal, established reputation, product expertise and an experienced history in selling only pre-owned authentic Chanel, Hermes sand other luxury pieces, Patina will deliver for its customers high quality service, convenience and assurance that their items are being traded for the best value possible in the current marketplace, while offering sellers lower fees than typical consignment or pawn shops with less specialized product knowledge. 

NOTE: Boutique Patina is NOT affiliated or sponsored by Chanel, Inc. Chanel, Inc. does not use third party sellers and only directly sells its products through its own shops or department stores. We are not a Chanel distributor, we are a reseller of goods previously purchased at a Chanel store.

To inquire about selling us your excellent/pristine condition Chanel pieces, please click on the "Sell" link in the menu at the top of this page. 



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