Boutique Patina takes pride in curating the most coveted collection of Chanel and Hermes bags in the pre-owned marketplace.

If you have an item that is in very good or better condition (no scuffing on corners, minimal wear) we would love to buy your bag. 

We have a 95% rate of out-quoting our competitors on buyout quotes.

Please send us an email to with photos of your item you wish to purchase.

You can take photos with your cell phone, that is easiest, and provide the following:


  1. Front shot
  2. Back shot
  3. Bottom shot
  4. Corner shot (worst corner)
  5. Interior shot
  6. Shot of "Chanel Made in" stamp
  7. Shot of hologram sticker
  8. Any included accessories, dust bag, auth card, etc. (you can make note or photograph)

Not all bags will receive a quote; thank you for your understanding, as we are very selective of what we offer to our customers.