We will hold your item for seven (7) days with a $500 deposit. 

This deposit is non-refundandable. It can only be redeemed for store credit.


Should you choose to purchase the item being held, your deposit can be applied towards your purchase. Should you choose not to, you can request a store credit, and a store credit card will be created for you (redeemable on the website).


Because deposits are non-refundable, we accept deposits either through personal checks (typical form of a "real life deposit"), PayPal Personal Payments or Bank Transfer. Please contact us at payments@boutiquepatina.com if you need information on bank transfers. 


PayPal Personal Payment instructions are below:


1) Log into your PayPal account, and then click on the "Send Money" tab at the top. 

2) Enter payments@boutiquepatina.com as the recipient, and select the second option "I'm sending money to family or friends" (a non-refundable deposit is neither a good nor a service and cannot be paid with credit card)


3) In the next screen, the "Payment Method" (orange box below) needs to reflect either Instant Transfer or eCheck. We will not accept credit card payments for non-refundable deposits. 


4) Please notate in the Message section of your payment what your deposit is for.


As soon as your deposit notification is received, we will put your item on hold for you for the next seven (7) days. 


We will contact you on the sixth day of your deposit to remind you about your deposit. Should we not hear from you in seven days, your deposit will automatically be converted into store credit and can be used towards a future purchase.


Please email us anytime at customercare@boutiquepatina.com with questions.